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If you're interested in starting a business that not only makes money but also serves the community, then a Virginia benefit corporation may be the entity for you. Virginia was the fourth state in the U.S. to pass legislation that creates a new form of business entity - the benefit corporation. A Virginia benefit corporation is a separate legal entity that has a plan to include a social mission. Think of the benefit corporation as a hybrid between a traditional stock corporation (being exclusively for profit) and a non-profit (having a social and charitable mission). Virginia now gives businesses the option of registering as a benefit corporation, incorporating a social mission in their corporate charters and making the fulfillment of the social mission a fiduciary duty in the same way that generating a profit now is for corporations (these corporations would still be expected to earn a positive financial return, but it would not be their only goal). The formation of a benefit corporation is very similar to that of a regular corporation with a few legally required changes to its Articles of Incorporation. I can help you get your benefit corporation set up legally and correctly and make sure that you understand the requirements of running a benefit corporation.

Ready to form your Virginia Benefit Corporation quickly, easily, and securely?  We'll get you underway immediately.  Just fill in my form below with the information I need to get started and make the payment of the formation fee and filing fee securely with your credit card, and I'll get started immediately. 

This service includes searching your desired name for availability, having an initial discussion with you about the options available for running your new benefit corporation, drafting and filing Articles of Incorporation with enhanced director protection and statutory required provisions (no SCC forms used here), drafting corporate By-laws, drafting organizational meeting minutes, obtaining a personalized company record book, service as registered agent for one year, and a half hour telephone or in-person consultation to discuss the new benefit corporation and any other legal questions you may have - all for only $750.00 plus the filing fee of $75.00.

If you have any questions or concerns, please give me a call at 804-290-7990. 


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